Counselling services is available to help address personal, emotional and psychosocial challenges that get in one’s way during academic experience.  Thus assisting clients realise attainment of their academic and personal goals.  Services are available at individual or group level through diverse facilities.  So help is all around you.  Talk to someone you trust.  Get connected to a helpful system, students are eligible for counselling at no extra cost, Participation is entirely voluntary by consent, Counselling is confidential, Clients for face to face counselling are received on a walk in basis and or by appointment through the Division of Student Affairs front office, Counselling is also available online using e-learning account link.

The challenges, as a matter of fact, are based on the modes of delivery of delivery of counselling psychology. Presently, scholars and practitioners have identified issues, such as technological revolution challenges, ethical dilemmas in relation to health maintenance organisations, psychologists facing certain challenges including prescription delivery services, and challenges with empirical research based support system among many other issues for a just society.

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